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Angle Grinder factory - Helengriffin11 - 02-13-2020

Product Description
Rated Voltage:230/110V
Rated Input Power:800W
Disc Dia:100mm/115mm
No Load Speed:11000min

Angle grinder classification Compact angle grinder and grinder, compact grinder: Ultra light, with or without safety configuration - to meet the various requirements of the grinder; Grinder: powerful, suitable In the difficult grinding and cutting operations.

Angle grinder refers to an electric (or pneumatic) tool used to grind a weld bead, remove weld defects, clean a weld root, and more. Angle grinder with high speed, remove defects fast, polished weld beautiful clean and so on.

Angle grinder is a use of FRP cutting and grinding handheld power tools, mainly for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and stone.
Common types of angle grinders are divided into 100 mm (4 in), 125 mm (5 in), 150 mm (6 in), 180 mm (7 in) and 230 mm (9 in) in accordance with the attachment specifications used, The small size angle grinder used is 115 mm.

Operating rules:
1, with protective goggles.
2, open the switch, you have to wait for the wheel to turn stable after work.
3, long hair workers must first tie the hair.
4, cutting direction can not be toward people.
5, continuous work for half an hour to stop fifteen minutes.
6, can not hand-held small parts of the angle grinder for processing.
7, after the completion of the work to consciously clean the working environment.Angle Grinder factory